Ways to Get Walmart Free Samples at Your Doorstep

Who would not love to get free items on their mail every day, not many people know that Walmart offers samples and products for its customers in their mail box almost every week. Many people have indeed been taking advantage of these samples scheme from Walmart for a very long time and these free samples that are listed have always been useful items that decor the activities of everyday living such as hair care and beauty care products, free nutritional and dietary supplements, free contact lenses etc. to name a few. This sample page also gets updated on a regular basis with new promotional offers and sales. People who check the website of Walmart every week or two would take benefit from these numerous samples and gifts. It is also possible to enjoy all the free samples from Walmart through a simple sign up process.

Signing up and registering one’s email address with Walmart is pretty simple and luckily there are no long surveys to fill or hidden offers to compete that are associated with these free samples. Users are usually asked not more than few questions such as one’s personal identity, and their favourite brands. The questions are also easy and straightforward to answer. It is learnt that Walmart has been partnering with start sampling to get its customers avail these attractive offers. But this fact remains sedentary and users would only notice the involvement of start sampling as it opens into one’s browser after they click at the sample.

Another advantage and best thing about these free offers page from Walmart is that, users do not get bombarded with multiple emails and offers once they sign up. But Walmart does send weekly flyers on its brands and products for those addresses that have been registered with it. These samples are also in good condition and at generous size and reach customers in a very short time frame. Usually 4-6 weeks or even earlier. Walmart has also amazed its customers by sending the entire bottle of the product as sample. The latest and most recent offers from Walmart included hair care shampoos, breathable contact lenses, deodorants, digestive supplements etc., but they keep changing and users have to check often to take advantage of these free samples scheme and buy the original products at the best rate through Walmart coupons.

Its online website would reveal the fact that these free samples have been divided into four different categories. These are free trials, free samples, special savings and free music. There are separate links that says ‘in stores now’ and the link would offer access to free samples, it also takes the user to the site where all the samples get listed. Apart from its stocks, Walmart also offers free songs every week as offer, and these are found under music downloads. There are also categories for special savings where great discounts are offered on restaurants, hotels etc. that are useful and economical. After enjoying these free samples people could buy these products at the best rate by making use of Walmart coupon codes 20% off.